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Son's 8th Birthday

This year, my Son wanted me to make his cake.  So keeping with his favorite pass-time, I created a Game Cube cake.

This cake was fairly straight forward.  I used a lot of techniques I learned from the prior cakes.  The Game system itself is cake with two layers of fondant.  A black inner layer and the outer colored layer.  I used the airbrush to give it a more plastic look to it (at least I tried to). 

For the controller, I ended up taking apart one of his real controllers and made a mold out of the two halves and buttons (each button had it's own mold) out of aluminum foil.  This time, I just melted chocolate and poured it into the molds.  Once hard, I cleaned them up with a knife (lots of carving), glued the two halves and buttons on with more melted chocolate.

The game discs were a little rushed, so I'm not too happy with them.  They were made out of gum paste.  My Son wanted the game to be on a wooden table, so I tried to make wood planks with grain using the airbrush... still need more practice! :(


Gamecube Cake

Gamecube Cake

Gamecube Cake