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Birthday Cakes

Daughter's 8th Birthday

This cake was fun and fairly easy to do.  The only rule I broke (self imposed rule that everything on the cake must be edible) was that the rainbow was made out of Plexiglas.  However, I did make it myself from a clear rectangular sheet.

The clouds are actually a bunch of cupcakes, paper cups still on, ( made it real easy to hand out) that are arranged by placing the center ones on a small piece of cake to raise them up.  They were frosted in place with a piping bag with a large tip and the remaining gaps were filled with white mini marsh mellows.

The pot of gold is just a Barbie dress cake turned upside down with pieces of cupcakes as feet.  The gold coins are the foil covered chocolate you can buy just about anywhere (I know, I didn't make them either and the foil isn't edible... but they look good!)

We placed the candles in the cloud, and we ended up with an unexpected surprise.  When the candles were lit and the room lights were turned off, the whole rainbow glowed.  It looked really cool!

Rainbow and Pot of Gold Cake

Rainbow and Pot of Gold Cake