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Daughter's 15th Birthday

I struggled with the design of the cake this year. I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted it to look like.  After many false starts and lots of procrastinating, this is what I ended up with.

The Clarinet is make from Modeling Chocolate and Fondant.  The sheet music is a mix of fondant and gum paste (I wanted it to remain somewhat flexible but on the stiff side), and the topper is made from gum paste.

Lesson learned! - I made the mistake of making the stake that goes into the cake for the topper out of gum paste and was part of the overall shape.  Problem was, once it sits in the cake for a little while, the gum paste gets re-hydrated and it starts to bend/fall over!

Luckily I made two since the first one fell and broke, but next time I do something like this, the stake will be a dowel or other non-sugar based item!.

Music Cake

Music Cake

Music Cake