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Daughter's 11th Birthday

I had high hopes for this cake, but ultimately ended up disappointed.

The Plan -

This cake was supposed to be a Jewelry box filled with edible jewelry. It was going to have a hollowed out inside lined with a red velvet color. This would hold all the necklaces, bracelets and rings. The cover would be in the open position with hinges holding it up. The design was based images of this box:


Reality -

Well, as usual time was not on my side.

The night before, we tried to make some sugar sculpted jewelry... All I have to say is melted sugar is a lot harder to work with than it looks. After some trial and error, we did create beads for one necklace, but in the end we didn't use it. I will have to practice a lot more using sugar.

The base of the cake was made out of plywood and wood finials cut down to size for the feet.

I knew that having a hollowed out tray on the top would require some sort of stiff wall under the fondant since cake that thin would not hold up. I was going to use modeling chocolate for it, but I eventually gave in and did away with the hollowed look.

I covered the cake with fondant and then use an airbrush and stencil to create, what I had hoped to be a look of fabric. The cover was made from gum paste with an eclipse of fondant to create a raised section. The stenciling took a significantly longer time than I thought it would. which put me further behind.

When it can time to piping the details on the cake, I make the mistake in using butter cream frosting. I constantly had to put the bag in the refrigerator because it kept melting in my hands. The piping suffered from this and is the worst I have ever done. Even the colors weren't working for me. I wanted the stitching around the edge of the cake to look like gold. It came out more orange. I figured I could dust gold powder on it when I was done... nope, because I used butter cream, it never got hard enough. When I tried to use a soft brush, it deformed the stitching. Being short on time, I had to live with the color.

In the end, I decided to buy some strings of beads to use as jewelry.  It was a beading party and the daughter could use them to make her own creations so it worked out ok.

Overall, my daughter liked the cake, and it tasted good. So, even though I think the cake was ugly, it all worked out in the end.

Jewlery Box_Cake

Jewlery Box_Cake

Jewlery Box_Cake

Jewlery Box_Cake